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Dance & Fitness Class Descriptions

STUDIO 44 offers a wide variety of classes, including a variety of dance styles, strength training, and body sculpting. Designed for all levels of fitness and experience, each class allows you to move at your own pace. So if you are just beginning to dance or have been dancing for years, our classes will be just right for you.

Beginners Ballet
Ballet workout that uses a holistic approach to develop long muscles and improve posture, balance and body awareness. Barre work sculpts the body with focus on alignment while building strength. Center work will include cardio and turning combinations. Bring ballet into your life with grace and elegance.


Bellydance Fitness
Work those hips and abs while exploring the beautiful movements of bellydance. From the quick shimmies to the fluid undulations, this class is sure to please with its exotic Middle Eastern sounds and sensual undertones. A great core workout!

Body Sculpting

A full-body conditioning class that uses light weights to target each muscle group, improving tone and increasing strength and endurance. Strengthens and conditions all muscles of the body through balance and controlled exercises.


Broadway Dance
In this class, you will start with a whole-body warm-up and then move into a high-energy choreography using a combination of Mattox, Fosse, funk and lyrical techniques. You will be developing dance skills while having fun and increasing endurance.

Cardio Blast
Cardio Blast is the new wave when it comes working out. Get a fun, solid workout as you enjoy a vast music selection and dance styles ranging from Jazz, Hip hop, Latin, Reggae, African and Caribbean. As the music builds so does the intensity. No experience necessary, just come have fun and enjoy the music.

Cardio Dance
Dance your way to fitness in this fun, energetic class. Easy-to-follow dance moves, set to various styles of music (old and new), will get you sweating and give you a great cardio workout. Each class begins with a thorough, strengthening warm up and finishes with a cool down / stretch that will increase your flexibility. All levels welcome - no dance experience required!

Dance Incorporated
Weights are incorporated with Karate and dance choreography for a full body workout. Weights and constant motion are used to burn calories and tone the entire body.

Dance 44
This calorie-burning, energizing class opens up your energy centers as you slim your body and satisfy your soul. Dance 44 integrates all types of dance choreographed to a wide range of music, including swing, rock-n-roll, R&B and recent hits. Great for all levels of experience.

Grooveology is an easy-to-follow, energetic dance class consisting of jazz, street jazz, hip hop, modern and lyrical. Guaranteed to MOVE your body, mind and soul. A great workout.


Hip Hop
Following a dance warm up that includes muscle strengthening work and isolations, this class focuses on teaching the basic hip hop movements in an enjoyable, energetic, and supportive environment. An excellent full-body workout aimed at toning and weight loss.

Hip Hop Fitness Xplosion
Hip Hop Xplosion is a fun energetic dance class focusing on cardio, conditioning, endurance and coordination.  Using various styles of dance, including hip hop, pop, reggae, video dancing and freestyle, this class provides the ultimate full-body workout focusing on areas such as the upper body, core, and legs. 

Jazz Classes

Broadway Jazz
High-energy class with a strong focus on style, theatrics and the love of dance. Choreography is always fresh, challenging and set to music you will love and recognize. There is absolutely no "work" in this workout.

Beginners Contemporary Lyrical Jazz
Designed to slowly introduce the lyrical style; dance combinations are taught at a slower pace. Choreography is set to lyrical, alternative or pop music with an emphasis on emotional expression, musicality and performance. This class is also appropriate for the more advanced who would like to work on the emotional aspect of the dances.


Contemporary Lyrical Jazz
Beginning with a thorough warm-up emphasizing proper alignment, technique, strengthening and deep stretching, dancers then learn choreography set to lyrical, alternative or pop music with an emphasis on emotional expression, musicality and performance. Dancers of all levels are welcome!


Also beginning with a thorough warm-up emphasizing proper alignment, technique, strengthening and deep stretching, dancers will then learn choreography set to high energy pop, R & B or alternative music with an emphasis on accents

Jiffy Sculpt – Always a Free Class
A quick, 40-minute informal workout using stretching, lifting and balance. A great way to supplement your exercise routine without the full commitment of an hour-long class. Lots of fun!

Power and Balance
Focusing on core strength and stability, each routine is choreographed to the music with exercises using light weights and one's own body for resistance. This is an effective, non-jarring workout that is appropriate for every BODY.

Tap Dance – Beginners
Beginning tap class for anyone who has always wanted to learn the basics of tap dancing. This class starts at the very beginning so everyone can learn. Come make some noise.

Tap Dance – Advanced
An intermediate to advanced class using dance step combinations, moves and techniques. This class is designed for fun and taught by a seasoned hoofer.